Available courses

Cultural Acknowledgement Training - Level 1

This course is developed to teach students on the importance of cross-cultural awareness and inclusion in the workplace and acknowledgement of Indigenous Nations throughout Canada. This course will also help dispel many of the myths and prejudices that surround First Nations people.

By taking this course, you will be contributing an important piece to helping bridge the divide between Canadians and First Nations people. In recent years, the importance of reconciliation with First Nations by the Government and people of Canada is often highlighted by social and economic development experts.

This course was written by First Nations people to help Canadian businesses and organizations better retain their First Nations employees and help develop better relationships and understanding of their Indigenous workers and students.

Having consulted with many First Nations bands in urban and rural communities, this course is uniquely developed to assist in your first step towards a better understanding and relationship with Indigenous people.

This course is for:

  • Community Partners
  • School Staff and Students
  • Businesses and Organizations
  • Ethnocultural Groups
  • Immigration Agencies
  • RCMP and Law Enforcement
  • Law Professionals
  • Civil Servants

What you will learn:

  • Common stereotypes that create prejudice.
  • First Nations Facts 101.
  • Why Inclusion in The workplace is important. for everyone.