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Seneca Nation approves school’s ‘Warrior’ nickname, logo

 By Carolyn Thompson THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SALAMANCA, N.Y. (AP)- Leaders of the Seneca Indian Nation will allow a public school district located on their land to continue using its Warrior nickname and logo despite New York’s ban on schools’ use of Indigenous imagery, officials said Wednesday. In giving approval, Seneca Nation President Rickey Armstrong Sr. said the Salamanca school district represented “the most unique of circumstances” because of its location on the nation’s Allegany Territory, and large percentages of Native American students and staff. Last month, the New York Board of Regents prohibited public school districts from using Indigenous nicknames and mascots, but included an exception for districts that receive written approval from a federally recognized tribal nation in New York. Salamanca is the only U.S. city built on land leased

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