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New artwork in Brantford features Six Nations artist

Brantford, ON –The next time you are shopping at the Brantford Farmers’ Market you can’t help but notice things are a little more colourful. A brightly colourful mural by Six Nations artist Kyle Joedike adorns a wall at the city’s marketplace. Joedike’s piece depicts historic Haudenosaunee agricultural practices and their understanding of the plant world. He brings the Haudenosaunee teaching of the Three Sisters plants , corn, beans, and squash to life showing their reliance on each other as they grow side by side in the mural. The mural also includes s the strawberry or “heart berry” and an abstract imagery depicting maple trees. Joedike, a Cayuga, turtle clan, member says he wanted to add dimension to the piece that would include Haudenosaunee teaching in a piece that would intertwine

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