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Empire Homes building city on Six Nations treaty lands

By Councillor Helen Miller Empire Homes, a major housing developer, is planning to build a new community on 4200 acres in Nanticoke. This new community will have 15,000 houses with an estimated 40,000 people making up the new community. In addition there will be stores, businesses, parks etc. Although the new community is outside the Haldimand Tract, the 4200 acres is part of Six Nations treaty lands. Last week after hearing about this project I immediately informed Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC). Elected Chief Mark Hill contacted Haldimand County Council (HCC) Mayor Shelley Bentley to get more information. During their discussion Chief Hill found out the HCC was hosting a town hall meeting on April 26th. I agreed to attend and represent SNGREC. Currently, Empire Homes

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