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Contraception becomes more accessible for remote First Nations

By Alexandra Mehl Local Journalism Initiative Reporter On April 1 the province set out to provide free contraception to all British Columbians covered under MSP. This includes oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices (copper and hormonal), hormonal implant, hormonal injection, and emergency contraception, such as Plan B, which requires no prescription.   The First Nations Health Authority will continue to fund patches and rings, which are not included in recent changes, said Dr. Unjali Malhotra, the FNHA’s medical director, who specializes in women’s health.   “There shouldn’t be any issues surrounding coverage for any First Nations person that is registered with the First Nation Health Authority,” said Malhotra. “It’s very exciting that we have free contraception in British Columbia? and what’s even more exciting is we can have a conversation surrounding access.”

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