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k?usx?nitk?, the original and accurate name for `Okanagan Lake’ 

By Kelsie Kilwana  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter skawilx, also known as Sarah Alexis, recalls having a vivid dream as a teenager that led her to understand her true responsibility to the siw?k? (water), and specifically k?usx?nitk? (Okanagan Lake). In the dream, she was visited by nx?ax?aitk?, briefly known by settler folks as “Ogopogo.” To have a dream of nx?ax?aitk? is very significant, and often, for sqilx’w, dreams carry information about the work you are being called to do. “I remember telling my sister, and my sister was like, `Oh, my goodness, you have to remember this moment in your life and think about why you had that dream and why you’re seeing him,”’ she says. Having grown up intimately close to k?usx?nitk? (Okanagan Lake), she says it was her first

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