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Happy Groundhogs Day!

By Chadd Cawson  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter  Happy Groundhog Day! There are 15 species of groundhogs across the globe, three which reside in Canada. The species we see burrowing on the unceded territories of the Secwepemc, and Ktunaxa Peoples, and the land chosen as home by the Metis Peoples of B.C., is the species known as marmota monax petrensis. Groundhogs, which thrive in prairie and wooded areas, belong to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots, and are the second largest member of the ground squirrel family next, to the hoary marmot. Groundhogs have four incisor teeth, white to ivory white, which grow 1.5 millimetres (mm) per week, as their constant usage wears them down them the same amount weekly.  As herbivores, groundhogs eat a variety of plants

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