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Land defenders build tipi along TMX construction route in `Burnaby’ 

By Aaron Hemens  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter As the January rain falls around her, Khursten Bullock carefully approaches a tipi that was recently assembled alongside the Trans-Canada highway in “Burnaby.” The structure, emblazoned with a “Stop TMX” sign, interrupts the 1,150-km path of the still-unfinished Trans Mountain expansion project (TMX), part of an ongoing effort with the environmental group Protect the Planet to set up camps along the pipeline route. After carefully navigating along the road’s edge, Bullock and her dog Caly hop the highway barrier, making their way down to the tipi which stands tall in a bushy area overlooking the Brunette River, home to the endangered Nooksack Dace fish. A hanging sign above a short fence warns that they’re entering TMX property, and that any person who obstructs

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