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Prayer song reclaimed for Nuu chah nulth

 By Alexandra Mehl  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Almost twenty years ago, Gregory Charleson Jr. fell in love with a song that his father, Quuia Charleson, would sing to him. Love Your Creator was a Christian hymn that Quuia learned in residential school. At first, he sang it English. Quuia said that his son would ask him to sing the song in their language, Hesquiaht. However, he could not speak the language fluently. Gregory Jr. surprised his father, with the help of the late-elder Larry Paul, and a language teacher. They translated the prayer song from English into Nuu-chah-nulth. “That puts a smile on my face because that’s the best part of the story for me,” said Quuia. All of them came together for hours continuing to piece the prayer song

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