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Albino hummingbird found on Six Nations

By Bree Duwyn Writer Six Nations may be home to an albino hummingbird and that has the community’s wildlife department excited. An albino ruby-throated hummingbird was spotted on Six Nations in early September during Ecological Land Classification (ELC) assessment days headed by Six Nations Wildlife and Stewardship. This glimpse of an albino animal is not only very rare but carries with it a connection to, and significance in Haudenosaunee culture. Hummingbirds, in general, have close ties within Indigenous cultures. Rachel Powless, Turtle Island News “Ask the Birder” columnist and her husband Carl Pascoe are both hummingbird banders. They come with a lot of expertise having worked with and studied hummingbirds. Rachel, who is from Six Nations and a Mohawk wolf clan member, is the first Indigenous person in the world

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