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"A Step Towards Reconciliation"

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Building better men in the North

By Stewart Burnett Local Journalism Initiative Reporter   Noel Kaludjak wants to build stronger family structures, reduce family violence and heal from the past, and to do that, he’s pursuing a new men’s organization. “We are affected by our past,” said Kaludjak, originally born in Arviat, having lived in Whale Cove and now settled in Rankin Inlet. “When we were moved into the communities, our lives changed. When they sent us to residential school, our lives changed. We need to get that back. It’s for my children, for my grandchildren, for my great grandchildren.”   Other men’s programs, like one he was involved with in Coral Harbour that started in 2009, have largely fizzled out due to lack of funding or resources, he said. Kaludjak has been spending the last

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