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SNEC new system means trial and error as they work through

By Turtle Island News staff Six Nations Elected Council’s (SNEC) new governance system is undergoing a “trial and error” period as it unfolds, Six Nations Councillor Nathan Wright said. Councillor Wright suggested the process would be trial and error and directors would anticipate councillors’ needs. “I feel as this starts happening directors will just start anticipating where we are coming from,” he said. Six Nations department directors have begun working their way through Kentyohkwa, SNEC’s trial governance system. The new system meant cancelling committee meetings as part of the Kentyohkwa preliminary study project as of October. The result is SNEC councillors have not met with department directors instead relying on Darrin Jamieson, Chief Executive Officer to field questions related to those reports. Jill Hill announced at the Political Liaison meeting on

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