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Nothing short of a Maracle

 By Jan Murphy  Local Journalism Initiative “A gift from the Creator.” It’s difficult to accurately and precisely describe David R. Maracle. Sure, on the surface, it’s easy. He’s a handsome man whose physical appearance defies his age (60), what with his youthful appearance and boundless energy, which he exudes with great passion in a near two-hour long conversation at his LiL Crow Cabin Courtyard – Eagle Pod Gallery. The interview on this day was to be to discuss the cabins, which sit nestled along the Bay of Quinte on the Reserve, an inviting experience to say the least. But as the conversation unfolded, and Maracle’s many gifts presented themselves, world renowed stone carver, a master of more than 30 instruments, innovative entrepreneur and world-class human, Maracle was asked how he became

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