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Kivalliq Inuit Association dismisses Rankin Inlet HTO petition

By David Venn  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter The Kivalliq Inuit Association’s board of directors have decided they will not remove Kono Tattuinee as president. The association issued a news release on Monday following a board of directors meeting. It says that the Kangiqliniq Hunters and Trappers Organization’s petition asking it to remove Tattuinee was incomplete and lacking evidence. “The facts do not suggest, or support any claim, that president Kono Tattuinee’s actions or statements  have met any of the grounds for removal,” the release, which is unsigned, states. Rankin Inlet’s HTO launched its petition on Oct. 12 calling for Tattuinee’s removal over comments he made in favour of the possibility of mining exploration on caribou calving grounds in the region. This is something the hunters say they do not want.

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