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SN Elected Council Archeology unit growing to meet demand

By Turtle Island News With development pushing into Haudenosaunee treaty areas across Ontario the Six Nations Elected Council’s (SNEC) archaeology unit is expanding to meet the increase demand. SNEC Lands and Resources Archeological Community Monitoring Program is currently working with eight municipalities and four corporations on active archeological investigations. Tanya Hill-Montour, archeology supervisor told SNEC’s Political Liaison meeting Oct., 24 in updating current projects. She said in addition to those projects they are also working with municipalities, museums and universities on several other commemorative, mapping, and academic research projects. “Our program is continually increasing, which is good and bad,” Hill said. “We have roughly 100 sites which include agriculture sites, housing development and road construction and our program is fully engaged.” Since Hill-Montour joined the department in 2020 it has

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