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Keeshig dreamed of portraying First Nations war hero

It has been one of Keenan Keeshig’s life long dreams to play Francis Pegahmagabow. “I manifested this,” he said of his role in The Ace and the Scout where he plays the legendary Anishnaabe sniper. Despite being the mostly highly decorated Indigenous soldier in Canadian military history, Pegahmagabow is relatively unknown. He was an expert marksman and scout. He was awarded the military medal with two bars. He is credited with killing 378 German soldiers during the war, while also capturing 300 more. The movie, which premiered in Sarnia and played to crowds at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia Saturday, centres around two Canadian privates who were inspired to enlist by the heroics of flying ace Billy Bishop. It is set in August 1918 on the Western Front in northern France and

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