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Killer Whale harvested in Pond Inlet

 By Felix Charron-Leclerc  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter An orca whale, better known as the killer whale, was harvested in Pond Inlet on Oct. 10. The hunt recieved a lot of attention on social media and although Inuit are used to hunting whales, not all communities target orcas. “I thought these wern’t supposed to be hunted?” comments Beverly Kingmiaqtuq. The species is considered as one of the smartest whales in the sea and is both respected and feared by hunters. “Future boaters in the area must be careful now. They remember people and heartbreaks that they feel. They will attack next time, flipping boats,” commented Alayna Beaulieu on the trend. Plenty of other Facebook users were also worried future hunters would get attacked by the killer whales. One hunter from Pangnirtung,

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