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Should the RCMP be scrapped?

 By Peter Jackson  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Three years ago, Becky Michelin recalled a horrific night in winter 1993 when she was awoken by loud bangs in their home in Rigolet, on the Labrador coast. When she came out to see what was happening, the then-four-year-old girl found her mother, Deidre, lying on the floor. “I remember shaking my mother, trying to wake her up. She was surrounded in blood,” she told freelance writer Danette Dooley in 2019. “I shook her. `Mom, wake up.’ But she didn’t.” Then she saw her father’s bloodied body. He was holding a gun. Deidre Marie Michelin, 21, was an Inuit mother of four when she was murdered on Jan. 20, 1993 by her domestic partner, who then took his own life. During the day,

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