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SNEC Briefs: Research studies, and councillor travelling

MIDWIVES RESEARCH A focus group about mental health needs among midwives has been approved by Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) in a council meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 27). SNEC moved on the recommendation from the Six Nations ethics committee to approve Sawayra Owais’ application to conduct a research titled “Mental Health Learning Needs and Preferences Among Midwives at Six Nations Maternal and Child Centre”. Owais is a 3rd year MD/PhD Candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and studied neuroscience at both Western University and McMaster. This research comes from her research interests in Indigenous perinatal maternal mental health and the mechanisms underlying intergenerational transmission of psychopathology from mother to offspring. WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS SNEC approved a water quality analysis research to be conducted on Six Nations, which includes water sample

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