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Youth crime in Iqaluit 

By Felix Charron-Leclerc  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter From damaging cars to throwing rocks at local stores, Iqalummiut have seen it all. Children on the streets can be reckless when it comes to crimes. Facebook group “Rant and Rave” is full of shocking recent examples: videos of kids bullying motorists as they pass by, stealing bicycles and even on one occasion assaulting a dog tied just outside his owner’s house. Arctic Ventures Market Place, a local grocery store, has experienced its share of misconduct by youths. “They constantly try to steal, and when they’re caught they throw rocks at us and the customers, and not small rocks either,” explains Troy LeBlanc, the store’s assistant manager. “One time, an employee tried to chase them outside and one of them threw a bicycle at him!

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