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James Smith Cree Nation under lock and key

By Lynda Powless Editor JAMES SMITH CREE NATION, SASK-Police are currently patrolling the James Smith Cree Nation after  Myles Sanderson, 30, the key suspect in multiple murders  was spotted on the ground in the community Tuesday (Aug., 6 2022). The report and alert came just as the community itself was holding a community meeting.  Community members told Turtle Island News they were told to go immediately home, lock their doors, not pick up hitchhikers. They said  Sanderson had been spotted in the community. Police had originally thought Myles Sanderson was in Regina.  Myles Sanderson is wanted int he deaths of 10 people, including his brother Damion Sanderson and injuries to 18 others. Myles Sanderson, the other brother,  has a violent criminal record, considered dangerous, remained on the loose, but he

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