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Six Nations wins Ontario Fire fighters competition

By Lynda Powless Editor Suited up in full gear from helmets to boots firefighters from Indigenous communities tested their skills in an Ontario wide competition Saturday that saw Six Nations emerge, wet and tired, but victorious. The Ontario Native Firefighters Society (ONAS) held their annual Firefighters Competition Saturday topping a three-day visit to Six Nations that included training at the Six Nations Firefighters Training Centre. But on Saturday it was all about a 33-year-old competition based on firefighting skills that tested their strength and endurance. The teams included both seasoned veterans to first time rookies representing First Nation Fire departments from Chippewa, Shawinigan, Grassy Narrows and of course Six Nations. ONAS president Melvin McLeod said the competition focuses on timed evolutions using firefighting skills needed to man hoses to buckets

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