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 Expedition team recovers sunken truck from remote Arctic waters

GJOA HAVEN, Nunavut- An international team has recovered a submerged truck from remote Arctic waters using divers, airbags and a helicopter. The long-planned recovery mission of the Ford-150, which fell through the ice near the Tasmania Islands in Nunavut five months ago, took place over three days. Specialized divers from Iceland attached airbags to the truck and towed it to shore, where it was airlifted by helicopter to Gjoa Haven, Nvt., about 300 kilometres away, on Sunday. Team member Andrew Comie-Picard, a professional driver, X Games medallist, stuntman and TV host and producer who grew up in Edmonton, called the recovery a “tremendous success.” “Once the helicopter went over the horizon and took the truck and we could once again hear that dripping of the water off the ice floes

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